The World of 2039 is a brutal place ....

Imagine a dystopian future: a single corporation controls most of the world through genetic modification, food, and drugs. A senior geneticist's lover dies, launching him on a quest to take down the psychopathic CEO and the handful of elite families that control "The Corporation."

Based on the novel "The Corporation" by R.A.Abell

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Dr. Bob Abell - Director

How the dystopian fiction, Corporate Prey, was born

My science and business background first led me to question the use of toxic chemicals in food production as well as the possible impacts of genetic modification. I wasn't prepared for the scale of devastation that became apparent just below the surface - from the decline of 70% of our insect-eating birds, to the loss of millions of bees, bats and monarch butterflies, to a new epidemic of human chronic diseases that simply were not a concern when I was young.

Then my wife called my attention to author Andrew Harvey's The Hope, in which he relates a meeting with the CEO of one of the companies responsible for agricultural chemicals and patenting of seed. That CEO told him: “I know exactly what my company is doing and what devastation it is causing to thousands of lives. ... I know and I do not care. I have decided I want a grand gold-plated lifestyle and the perks and jets and houses that go with it, and I will do anything - bend the law, have people 'removed', bribe local government officials ... to get what I want.” (The Hope, p. 174)

Born out of an understanding of what Harvey called: “The Law of Recognizing Evil”, Corporate Prey is fiction set in the near future, but grounded in facts, based on current trends in business and government, and featuring villains that mirror those found in real life.

Corporate Prey shines a light on the stark greed and lack of a moral compass displayed by those who would gain wealth at any cost. Could an agribiz corporation monopolize the industry, and use GM technology to control the population? Could elected governments become powerless and irrelevant? And in such a dystopian future, what options might a 'cog in the machine' have to bring a glimmer of hope back to civilization?

Dr. Bob Abell - Director

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